John’s Plumbing and Sewer Service is family-owned and committed to providing a complete range of personalized, quality services to the community. John‘s company works on everything from new construction to remodels and repairs, water heaters, toilets, sewer lines and appliances. John offers prompt 24-hr emergency service. From the smallest leak to the biggest projects, John is a plumber who will work with you.


John offers senior discounts, payment plans and reasonable rates.


John’s specialty is general plumbing, service repair and sewers and drains. He’s worked on the entire water and sewer system chain, from the individual house to the street, all the way through the municipal system to reclamation at the treatment plant and piping back out to irrigation. John has a special interest in the design and installation of gray water treatment systems, which conserve water, for both homes and businesses.


Customers who mention John’s website when calling will receive a complimentary 30 minute plumbing inspection for home or business, including gas and water shut-offs, water heater, appliances and fixtures. An inspection can identify safety issues and John will advise you on appropriate services.


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